Why is bin Nayef the best candidate to lead Saudi Arabia?

In light of the current circumstances that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is facing, there is no one better than Prince Muhammad bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to take over as king. He has all of the attributes necessary for the role and is the most worthy of the family members for this position.

In terms of lineage and honor, his history is like an unstained white garment. His hands are clean of the blood of Muslims, and he has only undertaken difficult decisions with sufficient reasons. It is known that he is fair, and his record is clean at home and abroad.

He did not involve the country in uncalculated adventures, nor did he seek to separate Saudi Arabia from its values to please any other country or individual.

He was always supportive of the Kingdom’s leadership and also of the country in its leadership role among other Gulf countries. Now the Kingdom is following in the footsteps laid for it by other countries as they exploit the foolishness of the Kingdom’s new teenaged leaders, notably the UAE and US.

As for political experience, bin Nayef held leading positions in Saudi Arabia since his youth.

In terms of the security services and military, he is the most intellectually capable and has practical experience locally and internationally. His achievements in these fields are attested by intelligence and security leaders across the world.

Bin Nayef also has great experience in economics, as he was a member of the Saudi Supreme Council for the Economy in 2009, and he is able to restore the strength of the Saudi economy.

Diplomatically, he is respected by all Arab countries, especially as he supervised many relief operations in the region and is known for his ability to heal divisions.

Bin Nayef is able to restore the Kingdom’s reputation as a pioneer in defending Islam, embracing the noble Prophet’s Sunnah. He could be trusted to reform the damage done by the current team of adolescents, who have led the Kingdom into such decline.

It is impossible for a reasonable person to look upon all these qualities, combined in one person, and come to any conclusion other than that bin Nayef should lead the kingdom.

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