They said about Prince Muhammad bin Nayef

President Barack Obama:

“I can say that, on a personal level, my work and the US government’s work with Crown Prince bin Nayef, on counterterrorism issues, has been absolutely critical not only to maintaining stability in the region but also protecting the American people.”

Former CIA director John Brennan:

“I have worked with my Saudi partners for many, many years. I served in Saudi Arabia for about five years and under the leadership of the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, who is also the minister of interior. Over the last 15 years, the Saudis have become among our best counterterrorism partners. And so with King Salman and the Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed Salman, we feel as though we have really strong partners in this fight against terrorism.”

“Over the course of my interaction with MBN, he wasn’t someone I thought was engaged in corrupt activity or was siphoning off money.”

Former CIA director George Tenet:

“He is someone in whom we developed a great deal of trust and respect… Many of the successes in rolling up al-Qaeda in the kingdom are a result of his courageous efforts.”

“There is great cooperation from Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, to defeat the terrorists and hunt them down.”

Former CIA official Bruce Riedel:

“Prince Muhammad bin Nayef is the most appropriate man to combat terrorism in the region.”

Washingtom Post journalist David Ignatius:

“The dazzling rise and tragic fall of Mohammed bin Nayef is a modern Shakespearean tragedy, set in a desert kingdom. Whatever MBN’s failings, the American intelligence officers who worked with him regard him still as a hero who helped save his country when it was mortally threatened. They recall the motto of the Mabahith, the modern security service that MBN did so much to create: ‘A homeland we don’t protect, we don’t deserve to live in.’”

“MBN wasn’t a profligate spender, compared with some senior princes, according to Americans who knew him well.”

“The fruits of this US-Saudi partnership were clear in 2010 when the Saudis uncovered a plot by AQAP to transport plastic explosives hidden inside computer printer cartridges that would be shipped aboard international cargo planes. That operation, involving agents recruited through MBN’s special-operations funds for Yemen, saved many lives, according to U.S. and Saudi former officials.”

A former senior US official stationed in Riyadh:

“Everybody in the US government understood that MBN had the broadest spending authority from the king.”

Former director general of the CIA Leon Panetta:

“Mohammed bin Nayef plays an indispensable role protecting the kingdom founded by his grandfather. As intelligence chief, he decimated al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, penetrating plots, cracking down on funding and promoting deradicalization.”

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace:

“In only a few years’ time, Saudi Arabia’s soft strategy to combat extremism and terrorism (under the supervision of Prince Mohammed bin Nayef) has generated some very promising results.”

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